We build houses, saunas, garages, decks and porches

    We build houses, saunas, garages, decks and porches in Pike County, PA

    Saunas & Hot Tub Rooms

    Custom saunas and hot tub room designs can reflect your lifestyle and enhance your home. Customized saunas can be an indoor or outdoor installation, and be built to whatever size you desire. A custom built sauna or hot tub room also offers flexibility in shape.

    Decks & Porches

    We have the design capabilities, building technique and the know how to create the perfect deck and porch for your home. Small to large, new or addition, our work is top quality and will give you an elegant and well balanced deck design that will last for years to come. Avoid pesky insects with a screened-in porch or extend your outdoor living with a three-season porch.

    Garages Large & Small

    Start simple with a basic garage or add any number of option for a fully functioning dream garage. Garages prices are based upon your wants, needs, functionality, and where your location is. From a simple one-car garage to a full size RV garage or “toy barn”, we can build it! Give us a call.

    We build houses, saunas, garages, decks and porches in Pike County, PA

    BEST AFFORDABLE HANDYMAN has become a cornerstone in Pike County, Pennsylvania, renowned for constructing houses, saunas, garages, decks, and porches that not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of properties but also their functionality and value. Across the picturesque landscapes of Pike County, from the historical depths of Milford (18337) to the tranquil shores of Hawley (18428), our craftsmanship stands as a testament to quality and precision.

    In the serene enclave of Bushkill (18324), our custom-built houses resonate with the natural surroundings, offering residents a sanctuary that feels both luxurious and intimate. Meanwhile, the residents of Dingmans Ferry (18328) enjoy the warmth and relaxation provided by our expertly constructed saunas, a perfect retreat after a day exploring the natural beauty of the area.

    Greentown (18426) and Matamoras (18336) have seen a surge in demand for our garages and decks, reflecting the growing desire for functional outdoor spaces that serve as extensions of the home. Our garages are built to withstand the varying climates of Pike County, ensuring protection for vehicles and storage, while our decks become the stage for family gatherings, barbecues, and moments of quiet contemplation under the stars.

    In Tafton (18464) and Shohola (18458), our porches have become the hallmark of welcoming homes, offering a cozy nook for morning coffees or evening chats, seamlessly blending the indoors with the outdoors. The craftsmanship and attention to detail in each porch reflect our commitment to creating spaces that elevate the homeowner’s lifestyle.

    Residents of Paupack (18451) and Tamiment (18371) cherish the bespoke nature of our projects, with each build reflecting the unique character and needs of the homeowner. Whether it’s a sprawling deck overlooking the lake or a compact, efficient garage space, we tailor our projects to fit the dreams and requirements of our clients.

    Masthope (18435) and Lackawaxen (18435) boast some of our most ambitious projects, where we’ve transformed visions into reality, crafting spaces that harmonize with the picturesque settings of Pike County. Our ability to navigate the complexities of building in diverse terrains, from waterfront properties to wooded retreats, sets us apart.

    In Newfoundland (18445) and Millrift (18340), our dedication to using high-quality materials and sustainable building practices has earned us accolades. We understand the importance of creating structures that are not only beautiful but also environmentally responsible and energy-efficient.

    For those in Greeley (18425) and Rowland (18457), BEST AFFORDABLE HANDYMAN is synonymous with reliability and excellence. Our comprehensive services, from initial design consultation to the final touches, ensure a seamless process for our clients, making the journey of building a house, sauna, garage, deck, or porch as enjoyable as the outcome.

    At BEST AFFORDABLE HANDYMAN, we believe in building more than just structures; we build dreams. Each project in Pike County, from Saw Creek (18324) to every other charming town, is a new opportunity to enrich lives through thoughtful design, expert craftsmanship, and unparalleled service. Let us transform your vision into a living reality, crafting spaces that inspire, comfort, and stand the test of time.